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About Us


“is an attempt to tickle the bone of readers.  With this blog we attempt to poke the readers and and let them explode and explore  current technology. It can make you think and can also make you feel tizzy with its powerful content. The blog may be thought provoking with undiluted content. At the end its just an honest attempt make you feel aware of infinitesimal development at the technological end. It can make you feel cry and laugh at the same time with its intense content but at the end it is  best deal because of its unfiltered content. “


        The opinion given in the blog shows the authors attempt to bring the best debate behind every recent research in all fields.Technology is a swirling area with myriad divisions.  Every division mushrooms into unexpected haven. Technology is serviceable and its also very logic prone wherein very small decision matters and it builds into human advancement. The blog shows the readers what technology can do to very day life


The theme of the blog is quite contemporary and it binds literature with science. The feel is quite modern showing every possible nuance what technology can visualise. It an attempt to make peopleaware of seeing humanity as an extended arm of   science. Everyarticle extends the feel of subtlety with masterfulgrime.