• July 11, 2020
  • Last Update Mar 24, 2020 4:35 pm
  • India

Biometrics- Identification haven

Biometrics is used to identify a part of body compared  to alias in   database . A part of body when  correctly identified    proves reliability of source.  It is widely used for  different purposes.  This system of identification is genuine. Many biometrics exists like face recognition ,fingerprint or iris recognition. Many future endeavors is underway  for  better identification.  Computers play a major role in  diversification.

The system existed in prehistoric.   Mankind  realised that some parts of body is unique . In eightieth century Bertillon tried fingertip identification on trial basis. But it could not go  . It was not until late nineteenth century when William Hershel started a serious biometric identification like fingerprinting   for  contractors.   Thus biometric mapping was born . It is a separate field . Developments were made in early part of this century by police across  various parts of world. Adaptive biometric means constantly upgrading  input data for correction and self adjustment  giving accurate results. Adaptive biometrics is proving to be role model for future initiative. One  important part of biometric is permanence meaning the trend has to repeat itself over time or over certain period of time.  Permeance  has prominence in soft biometrics. By soft biometrics we mean behavioural instincts  which are conceived  important or unique .   Cancelation of biometric  is also possible  nowadays.  Recently  it was felt that if some part of electronic biometric is lost then information is lost forever . Biometric is done   when public database is  made. It helps to  maintain regularity and organise the personal information for  better management of personal information