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There is a need for security   in data representation.   Blockchain does  that. It deals with data integrity and maintains a data block which does not  change. In  cryptocurrency, we use blockchain . it implements data structure .In simple words blockchain contain data code with a time stamp and   tag. Blockchain works well with peer to peer protocol and  is internet standard for data representation in today‚Äôs cataclysmic world.

The smartest use of blockchain is in cryptocurrency.   Bitcoin and lit coin needs  blockchain as data convergence tool. A fascinating use of cryptocurrency is games. In Gaming  it makes sense to implement  blockchain  as data structure . Crypto kitty and other gaming characters were  born  of  smart data  implementation. Smart contacts or points where technology  meet finances needs blockchain .

Blockchain has variants. The three type of blockchain are public , private and consortium. While public blockchain can be  validated by any, private blockchain need the invitation of participating parties .  Consortium based blockchain  has its own security levels. The security provided by blockchain is unparallel . It is one of the most decentralised currency.

Blockchain is the most secured data structure till date. Its security lies in  single point entry  .It is fault tolerant. It has least failure record and it works for complete data incorruptibility. If Blockchain is implemented  then    it leverages a high-level security . It has own disadvantages. The biggest challenge for blockchain implementation is cost.  Being a new technology,  has its  infirmities. Blockchains are also susceptible to cyber-attacks. If error occurs then it does not spread  fast.  Structure of blockchain makes  it  todays   favourite.

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