Character recognition happens when   raw data written by hand or   mechanical means  is converted into computer readable form. We derive  data  from several sources like   writings  or extracting  part of book and  scan  to computerize. It has several rewards.  It aids  to form database and also reduces human effort .It  provides accuracy which is  compromised if  human  interferes. Scanning by hand held scanner and  coding  gives  edge over  data compression  formats.

Optical character recognition has  great advantages. It was Goldberg who led  for   technology  for blind where    audio files could be  electronically  stored in computer memory. Then there was the Octaphone where phonetics could be stored depending on pressure of each tone. Smartphones called for portability in OCR . The  camera scanned documents are  put into smartphone memory. Later these file could be  added to  desktop for further processing  by OS. Today OCR is  used in pattern matching and artificial intelligence.

The scanned image can be stored in two forms. The two form is matrix form or  loop form. Matrix form  gives the pixel details whereas  loop form give the  distance between two point in line vector. OCR  can be utilized for many different purposes. Some of the off hand purposes are skewing,  where image is distorted  by  pivot . Another way is   texturing where shades are either added or deleted to give transformational edge. A  use of OCR is for script detection. By comparing fonts a particular script is delineated . Sometimes segmentation where a group of attributes are either joined or disjoined gives a   picture of handwriting.

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