Technology 1

Cloud is a way to reduce company’s upfront cost. Cloud ensures shared  hardware resources for  company. It is best way to optimize company’s resources. It is based on  remote database concept. It draws resources from remote computer  . There is no propriety ship model .it is based on  shared model  . Internet is used to deliver infrastructure  to  IT  companies .

Software as service

Cloud service comes under three umbrella. Software as service, infrastructure as service and platform as service. While  software and infrastructure  service deals with  infrastructure  sharing   ,platform as service  deals  with actual software generation . Platform as a service leases  memory for software analysis thereby cutting cost. A facet of cloud computing is serverless computing.    Making software without worrying about servers  leverages  data abstraction .


The cloud is very novel way to save company cost. When you work on cloud then your cost is optimised because you don’t have to invest in costly hardware.   You don’t need additional  space for hardware . When you are on cloud your hardware level abstraction is  achieved  .Cloud computing offers high level of security. Many software comes with security management complexities. Cloud also offer geographical elasticity wherein   worry about location is ruled out.

Types of cloud computing

There are there types of cloud. Public cloud , private cloud an hybrid cloud. While public cloud is open to all and  private cloud is for parties agreed  .Hybrid cloud is based on   shared proposition. Microsoft azure is a good example of public cloud. If  internet  grows   bandwidth growth should also  suffice it.

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