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As internet  emerges , appearance of   tech enthusiast who rely on technology for delivering is on rise . Entrepreneurs do viable business through net .  We are witnessing a new genre of self-made youth who have raised business standard. Foodpreneurs require a different mindset. They do food retailing depending on orders mostly given by net. Orders are net based and  prompt delivery is expected..

Cloud kitchen

Cloud kitchen is a special arrangement wherein people accept takeaway in exchange of money. In a cloud kitchen there are no seating arrangement or a takeaway unit. It operates on a basic fundamental that food  prepared should be delivered as a   takeaway. Cloud kitchen has a  customer base and its popularity is increasing . With our lives becoming more busy cloud kitchen  has  advantages.


For a cloud kitchen to operate we need average environment. We don’t need  very posh locality or over the top ambience. All you need is an underutilised space with low rental and proper sanitation. It should comply to basic sanitation standard. The operator should have a good software and hardware to handle the incoming orders and  should  handle  incoming pressure   . For smooth operation of cloud kitchen there should at  least nine employees. There should equal number of chefs, housekeepers and two helpers. The operators should also acquire license from government for running business.


 Many ecommerce giants are showing interest in cloud kitchen making it  a profitable venture. It  brings   retail food renaissance  to meet consumer demand.  Cloud kitchen has a total market share of 35% in food  industry. With growing internet, it is presumed that cloud kitchen is  a breakthrough . It has lived to its expectations . Packaging is yet another issue  considered. With good packaging and good deliverance cloud kitchen has a proven track record.

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