creative mind

Daily we deal with myriad uncertainties and challenges. While dealing with routine chores we  lose  touch with own self. Every mind is creative  and needs  nudge to go creative . We  hardly get opportunities  to make   mind  agile and free from worries. Creativity as a concept is nothing new. Its been discussed since ages and we want to attain . To foster creative mind    holistic approach is must.

Subconscious mind

Sub conscious mind is a stockpile   where  experiences of day to day living is stored. It is a  virtual interface of mind .   We do not have access to sub conscious mind but we can visualise  it  while  remembering  or feeling for  things. It is hidden mind which is   programmed to  get our creative talent in action. We can feel and we read from subconscious mind. We should not neglect  the inner power of subconscious mind .

Application and fostering talent

When we think creativity  production of   tangible or intangible is expected.  Creativity requires   to unlock mind  potential .By applying processing power we can program our mind  .Convergence and divergence are two modes of mental  grit . Convergence means a single point discussion divergence means radicalising mind to find multiple answers for single problem. Creativity and intelligence are related to each other.   As science progresses it is observed that for a mind to prosper nurturing creativity is a must .

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