Technology 2

Daily tones of information is generated by companies. It is  business anathema for  new economy.  As market  opens, the processing speed of computer  grows.  We are moving towards data abstraction for every level. We have massive information to be handled. Most of the data is  stored to be processed later. Only some part of data is useful. Rest are rejected. Data when  in use needs to be handled.

Silo mentality

Silo  maintains data in large storage index. It is    a way to store information to be later  processed .  Data storage  raises several issues. When information becomes disparate and there is no agreement between what’s is generated and what needs to be processed, we encounter silo mentality.  We have a problem when we are  allowed to take decision not connected to other arm. Problems arise when decisions are taken disparately and the other wing is not informed .

Divisions of silo

Compliance is very important issues. When there are people who fail to comply by standards then it amounts to information silo. Software related woes  amounts for information silo. Whenever software is not updated or  security is not followed  it leads to silo. Software should be updated and given the leverage .  Situation when  we accept abnormal pricing then that is silo. Silo basically mean non-conformance and   lack of communication between different arms of organisation. Enterprise silo is another level of storing information disparately.   Silo should be properly dealt  otherwise it affects company’s performance.

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