We need appliances and devices connected to internet for convenience. We live  in a wired world  What can be more enticing than having internet of things at our disposal .With world becoming progressively smaller   internet of things had to happen. We need  data assimilation and more convergence at  technology end.  With internet getting  pervasive and touching our lives this technology is changing we view net.

Smart home and elder carte

Smart homes is a  dream . To have a smart home which comes with everything connected needs  internet of things.  It is based on shared logic having appealing  architecture. With  different technologies coming  like Vlsi and embedded system  internet of things is a reality thanks to manifold innovation. Single point operation where  connectivity is through single remote or  smartphone is easy  due rapid rise of technology.


Internet of thing is based on cloud architecture. With massive growth  and memory differentiation internet of things is able to achieve   connectivity. Cloud technology where memory is leased on demand is todays panacea. When we talk of architecture of internet of things we need memory optimised. High network speed and memory boost has made internet of things a sought after consumer  desire. Single point functionality where we need just a  remote   is  a future reality.

Privacy concern

When so many devices get connected through networks  biggest concern is  data fragmentation. Portability and platform dependence becomes gruelling . Networking   happens when there are certain technological standards to be met. Otherwise networking fails to give  desired result. When we talk of connectivity data  delivered should be impeccable.  Data should not be mutated and the corruption of data stream is not wanted.  Through smartphones we are able to achieve a connectivity haven but still security and safety features remains a  challenge.

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