Kubernetes are  containers  deployed   and transported across platforms. Container is data structure . Kubernetes aims at a seamless  conduit of  transference of container between nodes.  It is secured  and helps to maintain data integrity . Kebernete allows for  information  packaging. It is an  open source entity . Kubernetes was launched  by Google.


Kubernetes operates on master and slave analogy. It  deploys a master store and subsequent clients. There is server data store called etcd which is perpetual,  lightweight, distributed and key valued. Other components include API controller and schedular.  API is  component which deals with interfacing. It gives  internal and external interface to server and client workloads. Controller manages intermittent states. It can drive pods  to  desired state. The other component is scheduler which gives pluggable outlook to  pod. When resource are available it  switches  to  working mode. The client node is called the worker mode or minion .

Managing cabernets object

Kubernetes as an object  deals  with primitives to be deployed.   Kubernetes gives extensibility to containers that meets workloads. The basic unit of keubernetee is pod. It enables transference of containers across platforms. Every pod  is assigned a unique ip address. Containers on pod refer to each other by local ip address. The volume of the pod is defined as a disk directory or network disk. Kubernete is a service. It consists of pod that can work  on multi tier architecture. Pods  is allowed both ephemeral storage and perpetual storage.

Future outlook

Kubernetes is an open source platform software. It is scalable. It is available for everyone for service. Docker and many software companies continue to contribute meaningfully for easy  orchestration . It being an open source many cloud managements also utilise its full capability. Mirantis is a project which deals with internet of things and aims convergence.  It basically depends on cloud architecture for transferring workload. It fully utilises cloud architecture for benefit.

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