Algorithm is key for  software related work.   We need algorithm for easy assessment and time complexity. Good implementation of memory needs better algorithms.  Elegant algorithm is written for proper allocation of  memory  Various algorithms came   to solve  problem of data integrity . It is  basic entity  which makes programming  better suited to computational needs.

Crawlers are modern way to implement search engine algorithm.   Crawlers  is a lucid way to document internet. There are hundred of thousands of pages across internet which needs to be indexed for better search results. Crawlers need a different proposition for indexing. When  pages begins  indexing   crawlers begin to match variable with possible keywords. The  indices  and  time complexity factor is gauged   for  optimisation. Google search engine is often referred a spider. It is a way to determine maximum throughput  .

Page rank is a way to tell whether a page will be searched first. It depends on weights being assigned to every possible search metric . Page rank technique of search engine was pioneered by Larry Page. It is a technique which relies heavily on the intermittent pages being connected to relative pages and their ranks being affected by  number of connections . It has social ramifications  too. Not only page rank affects  website rank  but  also aims to give  good social  index .

Search engines work in  novel way to give best results. Page  search begins at  seed point. Then according to seed point it gives an inverted index where the data or keywords are mapped to pages. Another  interesting way  to define search engine is by  indexing and serving.  Indexing means to store the relevant searches into common databases and then retrieving it according to more complex queries.

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