Self reliance in women

 Self made women is today’s phenomenon. It is recent   in social front. With rising entrepreneurship this is actuality  . We need women who are  bold and smart . Women getting    freedom to discover life’s  path is  wonder women. Career driven women are on rise. They  do tight roped walk to meets family need  .They prove their mettle in corporate world. Today women choose career based on likes and dislike  .They exert to gain freedom . When  choices are to be made they choose career over social comfort. Its no wonder that women is changing   corporate skyline.

Indian government  has extended support by giving impetus to  women related work. It has rolled many women centric programs which aims to bring a smile . Many corporates have opened its arm to fully support women thereby raising  bar . Women  make the most of leave guaranteed to them .Women no longer fear lack of facilities or  promotion being jeopardised.  We  as community should  cooperate until women realise their dreams. Many  child friendly facilities are given   luring women to take plush corporate jobs.

The impediments faced by women in workforce make us  think    intangible bottle necks . Since ages they  have been getting special attention. Vedic times witnessed a  different space for women .They were  respected then . But with time  , especially Medieval ages saw  interest of women being compromised. Those were invasive days when plunderers were ravaging. So women  had to give their personal freedom. Post independent we are  witnessing a upsurge in women related issue but there is downside as far as  safety is concerned.

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