Skilling India- Youth voice

 We have  advantage over other countries demographically. This is because India has  burgeoning youth population .  Its potential is yet to be tapped .  To give a competitive edge  we need to provide literacy and skill .  We need to educate them and  give a right mindset so that India is put on  manufacturing skyline.

Skilling India is one of the important programmes started by government .It was launched on 15 July 2015 to make youth  self reliant. It aims to bring proactiveness  and self worth in youth . It is estimated that India will be  home to maximum number of young Turks within ten years. Skill India is  an effort on part of government to give youth self respect and   fair share . Rural youth gets special attention when we talk about skilling India. After all agriculture has a major share in India‚Äôs GDP.  India is taking giant steps towards becoming manufacturing giant  based on progressive schemes started by government.

Skill India portfolio begins with empowering polytechnic colleges and vocational college. Polytechnic colleges are given  mandate to take entrepreneurs at a new level.  Today many industries are actively participating in skilling India programme. Companies  like Oracle and google have announced their foray  into skill India. Oracle has promised to open outlet to train youth.  This initiative by government will bring about  a positive change . Growth  is guaranteed  for strong youth. Indians will see  many changes in job front  in coming years.

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