Women in technology

  Woman  have   to maintain their identity   in technology . Women usually   doesn’t  get access to technology and science.  Overall literacy of women is low   as a result of which women representation in  technology and science is low. Women needs  encouragement  and push to meet standards in technology.  Women  realizing their potential get better chance to showcase their skills.

Women at  grassroots level or woman breaking  glass door, are both vulnerable to a  criticism.  They are not allowed to represent themselves in matters of  critical skills . We  relegate women  to  repetitive chore. Since ages there  been a fair divide between aristocracy and working  class.   Working class women gets a job  affirmation   . Women at the top level   do not  get their due easily .  Contributions made by women  is worthwhile. One example is the exemplary life of Marie Curie who despite odds made it big. She  got Nobel prize  twice and  also was the first women to enter Royal College of Science London.

Many initiative taken  by  government to  encourage women is perceptible. Several quotas and  schemes  run by subsequent governments has made lives of women easier and has raised  the benchmark .  Women  ask  questions and they do not feel awkward to work in  a hostile environment. Women take pride in  arenas which are otherwise daunting. To make the matters easier we need more women representation at every levels .As true citizens we should encourage women to be self made.

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